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Baseball Song of the Week: 'All the Way' by Eddie Vedder

Hundreds of artists have written songs about baseball over the years -- from The Beastie Boys to The Boss to Bob Dylan. During offseason Fridays, we'll be highlighting our favorite tunes to send you into the weekend. This week: Eddie Vedder's All the Way

The Cubs haven't won a World Series in 104 years. There have been Billy Goat Curses, Bartman catches and late-season collapses. The North Side squad may have even been the reason for the term "June Swoon" back in the late '70s.

But with devoted fans, a hallowed field and a city like Chicago in the mix, there's incredible hope year in and year out. Illinois native Eddie Vedder conveys these feelings in his hometown Cubs tribute. The hushed crowd noises and echoing guitar riff bring listeners right into those warm Wrigley confines -- and gives everyone faith that "someday, (they'll) go all the way ... "

-- Matt Monagan /

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