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Based on the first two games of the NLCS, here's what we can expect from the SF-STL MNF game

Wondering what will happen in Monday Night Football's St. Louis Rams-San Francisco 49ers game?? Well, wonder no more ...

Luckily, the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants are already playing against one another in the NLCS and, because of this, we can readily predict what will occur. You heard it here first!

- A 49ers player will run into a Rams player

Similar to how Madison Bumgarner ran into Kolten Wong during Game 1 of the NLCS.


Although the NFL version may be a bit harder and COULD happen more than once.

- A Rams player will make a diving catch

The Cardinals' Randal Grichuk did it in Game 2 of the NLCS.


So, we'll be expecting something similar to this Danny Amendola grab from a couple of years ago.

- A jersey will be torn apart

Kolten Wong had his threads split in two after a walk-off homer in Game 2.

It's not unlikely that this could happen to an offensive player trying to stretch his run toward the end zone.

 - There will be no Hunter Pence signs at the game

Hunter Pence doesn't play football, silly. But if he did, he would be good. Real good.


- Don't be surprised if some inanimate part of St. Louis' Edward Jones Dome is actually a 49ers fan and interferes with a play 

Check out the right-center field fence moving into play to knock this fly ball out of Grichuk's glove during Game 1 of the NLCS:


And let's take a closer look at the fence.


Hey, it's not like we haven't seen goal posts move around on gridirons before ...

In honor of the NLCS, the Rams and 49ers will play baseball and Colin Kaepernick will strike everyone out.

The 2009 Chicago Cubs Draft pick throws hard: