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Behold the Rays' new '80s 'fauxback' jerseys

Behold the Rays' new '80s 'fauxback' jerseys

The Rays came into existence as the Devil Rays in 1998 (when they wore one of the most '90s jerseys there ever was). That hasn't stopped them from establishing an elaborate alternate history in which the franchised existed decades earlier, as expressed in "fauxback" uniform sets.

Several times in the past few seasons they've broken out "'70s" duds, and on Friday, they unveiled a new set meant to evoke the '80s, which they'll wear on Sunday against the Cubs in Chicago:

It looks like the fictional '70s and '80s Rays had a good deal of design consistency; the uniforms are almost identical other than the colors. Both sets' templates are highly reminiscent of what the Padres wore in 1978 (in this timeline).

What do you think of Tampa Bay's fauxbacks? Do you want to see other teams get in on this trend?

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