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Behold, the real-life Bernie Brewer was found at Wrigley Field

Fan at Wrigley remarkably resembles Bernie Brewer

The Cubs and Brewers played a baseball game Saturday afternoon at Wrigley Field. None of that matters now, though, because the world was introduced to the shockingly accurate real-life doppelganger of Milwaukee mascot Bernie Brewer. Nothing will ever be the same:

Brewer 'stache

The highly impractical but still entirely necessary retro Brewers batting helmet, the mustache that defies any sense of facial hair gravity and could probably harbor an entire ecosystem somewhere in there -- this is truly some A+ doppelganging. 

Mascot lovers that we are, this momentous occasion moved us to chronicle some other notable mascot doppelgangers throughout the majors. For example, Rays mascot Raymond, doing an excellent Sam Elliott impression: 

Raymond/Sam Elliott

Or Cincinnati's Mr. Redlegs, channeling his inner Snidely Whiplash (and, frankly any number of old-timey Boris Badenov villains; we're on to you, Redlegs!):


And, of course, who can forget that most uncommon likeness, Mr. Met: 

Mr. Met

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