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Benito Santiago's 11-year-old niece strikes out 19 batters

Fanning 19 hitters over six innings is something most MLB pitchers can only dream about.

Nadia Diaz pulled it off on Saturday.

The 11-year-old, who plays for Southside American Little League of Syracuse, N.Y., throws a 60 mph fastball.

There are only 18 outs in a six-inning game, but she struck out four in one inning when her catcher dropped a third strike and the batter reached first.

But it's not exactly a shock Diaz is so dominant. She's the niece of former catcher Benito Santiago and second cousins with right-hander Nelson Figueroa. One of her favorite Red Sox is Big Papi, so she has been given the nickname "Big Mama."

All we have to say is watch out boys, this is Big Mama's house.