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Benjamin Franklin and the Phanatic team up to smash Braves helmet

Benjamin Franklin was at the Phillies game on Saturday

"Hi. My name is Benjamin Franklin. I was a writer, a diplomat, an inventor and a statesman, although I only went to school for two years. I wrote many books and invented many things we still use today." - Frankenstein, Big Daddy*

Baseball is America's pastime and we're fairly certain that that's never truer than when a founding father is in the house to catch a Major League game.

On Saturday, the Phillies hosted the Braves at Citizens Bank Park and Benjamin Franklin took time out of his busy schedule of writing books, inventing bifocals and being dead for 200-some years to root on the home team and presumably throw a few back (Franklin brewed his own beer).

At one point between innings, the Phanatic dressed up as Paul Revere and brought Franklin out on the field so that two of our nation's most historic heroes could again join forces ... this time to smash a Braves helmet.


Sadly for Phillies fans, this Benjamin Franklin wasn't Amy Poehler or Paul Rudd. Sad trombone.


*You should know that there's slight irony in Frankenstein's assignment considering that he was conceived in celebration after Joe Carter and the Toronto Blue Jays walked-off against the Phillies to win the 1993 World Series.

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