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Best Mother's Day ever? Dad makes barehanded catch with baby strapped to chest, gives ball to his wife

Dad barehands foul ball with baby strapped to chest

No one had a better Mother's Day than this new mom in Philly.

Mets infielder Daniel Murphy fouled a ball up into the seats behind home in the top of the fourth inning and a dad with a baby strapped to his chest made a barehanded grab. More than that, the dude flexed and reveled in his own greatness, much to the delight of everyone in his section:


The souvenir also proved to be one of the greatest Mother's Day gifts ever. Gregg Murphy of the Comcast SportsNet broadcast crew caught up with Mike Capko, who was at the game with his wife Alyssa and their seven-month-old son Kolton. The family hails from Conshohocken, Pa., and it was the first foul ball he's ever caught. 

"You know, it was already a special day for, of course, Mother's Day and his first game, but now we'll never forget it," Capko said.

He's not even left-handed! He didn't even play baseball as a kid!

"I have no words now. I'm blown away," he said.

The play actually occurred in front of the owner's box and, according to the Associated Press, Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. saw the entire thing:

'I was going to go down there and sign him. I almost did,' Amaro said.

See, your mom wasn't wrong when she told you that the best gifts don't come from stores.

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