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'Better Call Saul' starts turf war between Albuquerque Isotopes and Omaha Storm Chasers

'Better Call Saul' starts Minor League turf war

For six beautiful, glorious seasons, "Breaking Bad" caused a lot of friction: fights between Walt and Jesse, fights between Hank and Walt, and fights between couples who couldn't believe that their partner would watch the newest episode without them. 

Who would have guessed then that the prequel spinoff of "Better Call Saul," featuring Bob Odenkirk's comic relief lawyer, would create the biggest fight of them all. 

With Saul Goodman having fled New Mexico, where the original was set and filmed, for a quieter life in Omaha -- the Omaha Storm Chasers and Albuquerque Isotopes got into quite a Twitter battle on Tuesday. 

The Storm Chasers fired the first shot in the war: 

But Albuquerque quickly shot back. Kind of like Hank did in Season 2, Episode 2. 

The Chasers weren't afraid of standing their ground, though. After all, "Breaking Bad" probably wouldn't have had many viewers if it was called "The Chemistry Teacher Variety Hour." 

But Albuquerque came right back with a picture that made even the threatening Mike Ehrmantraut look downright adorable.  

And while the Storm Chasers thought they had checkmate with this tweet:

The 'Topes grabbed the game-winner with a Breaking-Bad-in-Uniform squad. 

Will the two teams continue bickering like Walt and Jesse did roughly three-dozen times? Or will they make up and be friends ... like Walt and Jesse did roughly two-and-a-half-dozen times? 

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