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Beware! Scorpions invade White Sox Spring Training facility

Scorpions invade White Sox Spring Training facility

A horrifying discovery was made on Saturday: The White Sox Spring Training facility in Glendale, Ari., was filled with scorpions. 

And no, it was not the band.

Nor was it the cast of the CBS television show. What a weird thing to even think.

CBS Scorpion

Instead it was real scorpions. You know, the creepy, crawly scorpions that you would have to be submerged in on "Fear Factor."

I'm just going to suggest that every player double check their cleats and their gloves before putting them on. Might be the smart move to make. 

And since this came up when I was searching for "scorpion pictures" and because Michael Jordan makes every post better, here's Michael Jordan while he was on the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League in 1994. That's much more soothing than the terrifying alien-things in the photo above. 

AFL Michael Jordan

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