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Big Boi threw out the first pitch for the Cubs, and we just can't handle it

Big Boi, formerly (or future-ly?) of OutKast, threw out the first pitch before tonight's Pades-Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

I have so many thoughts about this picture. Let's work it out together:

  • First of all, that's evidently his go-to pose. It's like after the first one, he thought, "That's money. I need to bust that out again"
  • Secondly, I get that Big Boi is on tour, but there's no way he's not a Braves fan. He's from Georgia. He talks about wearing a Braves hat in his songs. The guy was campaigning hard for the Falcons during the NFL playoffs. Yet he throws out the first pitch in Chicago? Not that I don't love the Cubs -- I do -- it's just an odd choice for someone so passionate about the ATL.
  • Maybe he just really likes throwing out the first pitch? Is that it? I bet that's it. That makes Big Boi even better.
  • The chain. Just … the chain.
  • How great is the velvet rope behind him? What is the point of that? To separate him from -- what exactly? I bet those ropes just follow him everywhere. 
  • So, his hat says "West Savannah," which is where he's from. But he's also got a song called West Savannah. Did he have the hat before the song? Probably not. Is it a subtle attempt to get us all to go listen to Aquemini? May I say, if so, it definitely worked. Well played.
  • Shades. To a night game. Sure, the Padres are playing the Cubs, but that doesn't matter. Big Boi won this game already.

-- Dakota Gardner /

(Photo via @Cubs)

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