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Bill Nye says Eric Hosmer messed up by sliding into first ( Statcast agrees)

Bill Nye says Hosmer shouldn't have slid

All of the drama of the postseason boiled down to one final contest on Wednesday as the Royals and Giants squared-off in a deciding World Series Game 7. The Giants prevailed 3-2 thanks to a manufactured run in the top of the fourth inning. 

But, the real drama unfolded in the game's first act as the Royals were threatening to break a 2-2 tie in the third. Joe Panik and the Giants effectively squashed the would-be rally with one of the best double plays you're ever going to see:


Shortly thereafter, the world's greatest science teacher and noted baseball fan Bill Nye the Science Guy took to Twitter to remind everyone that Eric Hosmer shouldn't have gone head-first into first base on that play.

The man's not wrong. As this Statcast video demonstrates, a runner immediately compromises his speed when he leaves his feet.

For all of you naysayers and Devil's advocates, there are situations in which a slide to first isn't just excusable, but recommended. One such example came in World Series Game 6 when Alcides Escobar landed at first courtesy of a graceful slide to avoid a Brandon Belt's attempted tag.

All of this material will be covered on next week's midterm exam. It is NOT open book, but you will be able to use a 3x5 index card to use as you see fit, so I hope you all have been working on your tiny penmenship.