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Billy Beane says the A's are the Arthur Miller to Lester's Marilyn Monroe

When you consider that Marilyn Monroe was romantically linked to a guy who won three American League MVP Awards and nine World Series championships with the Yankees, the married President of the United States, and his brother -- a married U.S. Senator -- it's perhaps not much of a surprise that Arthur Miller's name gets lost in the shuffle.

Between her divorce from Joe DiMaggio in 1954 and her rumored affairs with the Kennedy bros., Monroe married Miller, a Tony and Pulitzer Award-winning playwright. Monroe and Miller had a brief affair in 1951 and hadn't lost touch over the years. They married in '56 and divorced in '61, a year and a half before her death.

But with Monroe and the Yankee Clipper supposedly rekindling their love in the months before her death and the mysterious ties to the White House on everyone's radar, it's Miller who is the forgotten suitor.

It's this notion that prompted Athletics general manager Billy Beane to compare his club to the writer.

The A's famously landed Jon Lester from the Red Sox at the Deadline for Cuban corner outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. And with Lester set to sign a massive contract to join the Cubs, Dodgers, Giants or Red Sox, it looks like his half-season stint with the A's could be lost to history.

Though, when you consider the ultimate fate that met each of Monroe's other famous suitors, it's probably good to be the guy who went on to remarry, father two children, have his contempt of Congress conviction overturned, see his greatest work turned into a television movie starring Dustin Hoffman, win a National Medal of Arts and gain Daniel-Day Lewis as a son-in-law.

Just sayin'.