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Billy Beane should have scouted Angelina Jolie

Few people have done more to advance sabermetrics than A's GM Billy Beane.

But even the Moneyball protagonist knows there are some things the numbers just can't show -- like how to meet-and-greet with Angelina Jolie. From Beane's interview with Murph & Mac yesterday on KNBR San Francisco:

"It was actually in Toronto at the film festival. She was out here for filming and I had seen her. We went for the kiss on the cheek, and I'm kind of a half-Windsor guy with my tie, so I only went to one side. She was coming back from Europe and London so she went both sides as I was pulling back. I was completely unprepared.

"I really should have known. That's where a scouting report would've helped. It was a complete faux pas on my part."

Don't worry, Billy -- we're sure Paul DePodesta Peter Brand is already working on Awkwardness Over Replacement.