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Billy Burns gets desperate, decides to just fling his bat in the direction of the pitch

Look, sometimes, hitters just get fooled. It's understandable, considering they're being tasked with tracking a tiny white ball moving all over the place at high speed. And when a man is forced to confront his own failure, he's left with two options: Accept the fate the baseball gods have thrown upon you, resigned to a long walk back to the dugout, or rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light, and just throw your bat out there and see what happens.

On Saturday against the Yankees, A's center fielder Billy Burns was faced with just such a dilemma. He chose wisely

billy burns bat throw

Assuming that he had disrupted the space-time continuum by actually managing to 1) make contact and 2) hit a fair ball, Burns almost immediately stopped running, allowing Brian McCann to tag him out. Though the baseball gods remain undefeated, let it be known that Billy Burns will not go down without a desperate bat toss.