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Watch Billy Hamilton, Jay Bruce and Joey Votto answer kids' illuminating questions at Redsfest

Hamilton, Bruce, Votto answer kids' Qs at Redsfest

There are three things I've always wanted to know about Reds players Billy Hamilton, Jay Bruce and Joey Votto.

1. If they weren't baseball players, what sport would they play?

2. Could Hamilton beat Bruce and Votto in a race, while running backwards?

3. Which baseball team is their least favorite?

Thankfully, the kids at Redsfest this year asked those very questions.


So, we learned that Votto and Bruce could only play baseball, according to the first baseman: "We can't play any other sports. We found our niche -- this is our speed." 

And Bruce testified to Hamilton's speed: "He could definitely beat Joey running backwards, and it'd be a close defeat by me."

We didn't exactly get an answer to the third question, but we did get an extensive rundown of Votto's thoughts about the hotels in MLB cities. Watch the video above for the full Q&A, including Bruce and Votto's debate over what being "here" really means. 

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