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He'll catch you when you're sleeping: Billy Hamilton steals third on throw back to pitcher

Far too fast: Hamilton steals 3B on throw to pitcher

Billy Hamilton is like baseball Santa Claus. 

Don't believe me? Fine, here are their similarities: 

- They both wear red. 

- They both deliver presents. Hamilton's are just in the form of stupefying defensive gems. 

- They both can slide down your chimney. Santa through magic, Hamilton thanks to his must-be-magical genes that have made him a professional athlete with what I imagine is a 24-inch waist. 

- They know when you are sleeping and they know when you're awake. 

Case in point: With Joey Votto at the plate, Hamilton took off for third. 

Not that strange, you say? How about the fact that it wasn't on the pitch to the plate, but on the catcher's return to the mound. 


That's right -- beyond being sneaky, like Santa slipping in and dropping presents while you're sleeping, Hamilton is also incredibly fast. He reached a Statcast™-estimated 21.56 mph on the run. Which is the kind of speed you'd need to make it around the world in a single night. Just saying.
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