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Billy Hamilton showed us he also has the power of flight with this amazing catch

Hamilton shows off power of flight with great catch

 What we talk about when we talk about Billy Hamilton:

- speed

- speed

- speed

- love?

Well, it is the only appropriate name for the emotion we felt during Tuesday night's 3-2 win over the Cardinals, when we saw him snatch a liner off the bat of Jason Heyward, escaping the bonds of gravity just long enough to dazzle and amaze us:


This catch is so good it makes you want to write a bunch of very sparse and critically beloved short stories about it and then turn it into an Oscar-winning movie. Here's the first line, as told to's Robert Bondy

"They told me I was flying like Superman out there or something," Hamilton said. "People are like 'oh man that play was unbelievable,' [and] I'm like it really doesn't feel that way when you catch it, until you really, really look at it ... That play is one of those things that picks you up and makes you feel better about yourself. "
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