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Billy Joel sings along to 'Piano Man' during Game 3 and the crowd goes wild

Billy Joel sings along to Piano Man during Game 3

The first time I was ever on (in? at? engulfed by?) Long Island, I went to a bar. It was not a karaoke bar, and yet, right around midnight, when Billy Joel's "Piano Man" began playing, every single person in that bar put down their drink and sang along. It was like they were physically compelled to sing. It was as if the song vibrated off the very air molecules we breathed, instead of out of a speaker. I was told it's common practice in Nassau County, and I imagine that's how Citi Field was during the eighth inning Friday night, only times a thousand.

How else would 45,000 New Yorkers react when the Piano Man himself sang along to his most famous song while the Mets held a six-run lead late in Game 3?


You might say that the Mets' lead (and eventual 9-3 win) put everyone inside Citi Field ... in the mood for a melody. In fact, we've heard rumors that they heard the crowd's rendition all the way in Kansas City.

Kevin James at Joel's side only made it better -- Billy Joel singing along to "Piano Man" during a Mets World Series game was the most New York thing to happen since Billy Joel sold out 12 straight shows at Madison Square Garden. Or at least since he sang the national anthem to start the game:

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