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Live vicariously through Billy the Marlin as he celebrates his superhero-themed birthday party

Billy the Marlin celebrated a superhero birthday

When I was 10 years old, there were two things I loved very much: baseball and superheroes. A superhero-themed birthday party at a ballpark would've blown my dang mind. I still imagine what it would be like sometimes, late at night as I'm settling in for bed -- hanging out with all my favorite superheroes, dancing and partying on the field.

With each passing year, it grows increasingly unlikely I will ever live that dream of mine. But as of Sunday, I can do the next best thing: Live vicariously through Billy the Marlin.


The Marlins celebrated Billy's birthday during their matchup against the Padres, which just so happened to feature a bevy of superheroes at Marlins Park. Billy was dressed in his own superhero garb, and all his mascot friends were there to see:


The Joker and Spider-Woman presented Billy his birthday cake:


And then, after the Marlins won, 5-2, on a walk-off home run, SUPERHEROES DANCED ON THE DUGOUT.



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