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10 MLB items we wish we could buy this Black Friday

10 MLB items we wish we could buy this Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday. For some, it's the unofficial start of the holiday season. For others, it's a day to sleep off all that tryptophan. And then there are those who are all about the doorbusters. 

But while the typical Black Friday shopping cart is filled with 900-inch TVs and sweaters for every distant relative from Bangor to San Diego, our list is a bit different this year. We're on the hunt for the things from MLB that we've always wanted, but just never had the chance to buy (because they're not exactly on sale at the Shop).

Hey -- if you're going to do Black Friday right, you gotta splurge. Let's just hope the deals are good. 

The Green Monster

Some people have sheds, some people have treehouses, but we want the Green Monster as our yard fixture. The only question is whether we put it in the front or the back of the house. 

All the baseballs that landed in the Allegheny River this season

Between Pedro Alvarez blasting them with his bat and Andrew McCutchen literally throwing them out of the stadium, there were a lot of them. Hopefully this guy didn't beat us to 'em:


A foul pole, so we can practice hitting a home run on top of it

Marcell Ozuna made it look so easy, but take it from us: It is not easy. 


A personalized audio recording of Vin Scully reading bedtime stories

We heard Scully toast the moon, and ever since we can't stop imagining him reading "Goodnight Moon." The only problem: How could anyone possibly fall asleep while Vin Scully is talking?

The Mets' Home Run Apple, dings and all

Sure, the apple is supposed to celebrate Mets home runs, but install it in a house and you can celebrate anything. Made dinner without burning anything? Apple time! Left for work on time? Here comes the apple! Finished that crossword puzzle? LET'S BOB. 

Do you think we'd get a discount if it's in slightly-used condition?


This autonomous baseball

Remember when Furbies were the hot toy for the holiday season, because they were sort of animatronic and you could pretend they were actual living things? Well, this baseball IS alive. It's like one-half of 2015's must-have gift, BB-8.


The Wrigley Field ivy

Holiday wreaths? Pshhh.

One question: Do we get to keep anything found inside the ivy?


The Yankee Stadium attack pigeon

Looks effective.


A day with Orbit

We've seen Orbit's idea of a good time, and honestly, it does look like a good time. 


An actual siren whenever position players pitch

OK, so this one isn't from MLB, but rather for MLB -- because it's the season of giving, you know, and we can't have our Black Friday shopping list filled with things only for us. Every time a non-pitcher takes the mound in a game, a siren should go off inside the ballpark to let everyone know that something awesome is happening. As for a sound, we're thinking, "HEY! EVERYBODY! WATCH!"

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