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Brace yourselves for the Andruw Jones MLB comeback story you've always wanted

The Andruw Jones MLB comeback is reportedly on

Ah, remember October 1996? President Clinton was campaigning for re-election, Romeo + Juliet was about to knock off Sleepers at the top of the box office, the Baltimore Ravens were a brand new football team and "Macarena" was the No. 1 song in America.

Oh, and a wiry, 19-year-old outfielder named Andruw Jones would hit two home runs in Game 1 of the World Series against the mighty New York Yankees.

Jones went on to win 10 consecutive Gold Gloves patrolling the outfield for the Braves as he belted 434 career homers. After a disappointing 2012 campaign with the Yankees, Jones took his talents to Japan where he played outfield and DH-ed for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

Now, he's ready to return to the States and apparently has some MLB suitors:

After two seasons with Rakuten in Japan, where he hit 26 home runs with 94 RBIs (.845 OPS) and 24 homers with 71 RBIs (.820 OPS), with OBPs of .391 and .394, Jones will be returning to major league baseball. Agent Scott Boras claims there are at least two teams interested in Jones as a DH and/or righthanded platoon player. A 10-time Gold Glove outfielder, Jones would return with 434 homers and 1,289 RBIs.

Don't listen to LL Cool J: This is absolutely a comeback and you should all prepare accordingly (i.e. ask your mom if she threw out your old Andruw Jones Starting Lineup figurines).

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