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Brandon Crawford is spending his offseason starring in Disney Channel TV shows

Some baseball players spend their offseasons playing more baseball. Others serve time as grave diggers or taxidermists. But Brandon Crawford, a man whose face angels shine down upon, is acting ... in Disney Channel TV shows:

Well, he'll actually just appear in one TBD episode of "Liv and Maddie" -- a show about identical twin sisters with different personalities. Crawford plays himself at a celebrity softball game. Via the SF Chronicle:

"Have you seen any of our commercials?" [Crawford] said. "I don't know if acting has ever been my strong suit. But all the people there (at Disney) said I did a god job. Baseball is a relatively short career, so you never know."

Could a network that's launched so many successful careers give birth to a new one? Where will it rank in the MLB Player TV Show Cameo Hall of Fame?

Only time will tell ...