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Recent college student Brandon Finnegan enjoyed being heckled by Giants fans

Brandon Finnegan enjoyed being insulted by SF fans

Brandon Finnegan may be the first player to pitch in both the College World Series and the Major League World Series in a single season, but he pulled off a more impressive feat on Friday night: laughing off the insults from Giants fans. 

After entering the game with a runner on first and the Royals holding a one-run lead in the bottom of the seventh in Game 3, Finnegan promptly retired the next two batters to get out of the inning. After the game, Finnegan said, "The crowds in Omaha definitely don't chirp at you the way the crowds do here." 

But while the fans didn't bother him, one comment in particular stood out for the 5-foot-11 pitcher: "You're too short to ride this ride."

Which is proof that I could never be a good stadium heckler as these are the lines I would have used on the reliever:

-- "Hey, what's it like being a first round pick? Is it cool? Am I psyching you out? What about now?"

-- "Out of all the Brandons in the world, you're, like, my third favorite. Behind Brandon Crawford and Brandon Routh!" 

-- "You pitched in the College World Series? Well guess what? I'm drowning in student loans!"

-- "What kind of name is Finnegan -- a fish's? Ha ha ha" 

-- "You're the embodiment of stream of consciousness. You know, like Finnegan's Wake. Get it? Because I never did. James Joyce is too confusing for me!" 

Yeah, it's probably for the best that I wasn't in the crowd on Friday night -- my comments would probably have been too hurtful. 


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