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All-Star food reviews: Bratdog

All-Star food reviews: Bratdog

Last week, Cut4 brought you a sneak preview of Target Field's special All-Star menu. But with Minneapolis' Midsummer Classic festivities now in full swing, it's time to investigate further -- for science! See also: Kramarczuk's Double Play Bigger, Better, Burger, Brat, or Bacon Bloody Mary

What is it?

A bratwurst, stuffed with a hot dog, wrapped in bacon, on a pretzel roll, topped with onions and peppers.

How does it taste?

Do you like heavy things? Is metal your preferred form of music? Is steelmaking your preferred type of industrial production? Is Groudon your favorite Pokemon? If heaviness is your thing, the bratdog is for you. The word at Hrbek's, the Target Field eatery where the bratdog resides, was that no one had yet finished a whole one in one sitting.


Recommended delivery method?

The bratdog comes conveninently sliced in half, but that only makes a dent in this monster's ease of eating. I personally advocate a knife and fork, though one interviewee insisted he would "not be a George Constanza and cut up a chocolate bar, nor will I with this."


Is it an example of authentic Upper Midwest cuisine?

We'll leave it to one respondent to sum up: "When people eat giant piles of meat at a cookout, they're like, 'this tastes like America.' When I think of [Minnesotan and career Twin] Kent Hrbek, this is what I think of. Like Kent Hrbek is giving me a high-five with every bite I take of this."

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