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After catching a home run ball, this Braves fan's dance celebration could inspire an entire town

This Braves fan's celebration could inspire a town

Granted, it's been a long time since I've seen "Footloose," but my general understanding of the film is basically:

- Danceless, unhappy town.

- Kevin Bacon shows up.

- Dances so well that everyone decides, hey, dancing is pretty swell after all. 

Well, if the film industry ever decides to produce another remake of the film, they could do worse than hiring this intrepid dancing Braves fan. 

After Daniel Castro homered to left field in the bottom of the third on Friday night, the ball bounced around for a moment in the stands before rolling to Elijah, a Braves fan from Alabama. And when Elijah got it, well, I guess you could say he got the ALABAMA SHAKES. (Get it?)


Just tell me if you were a dance-hating member from a small Oklahoma town and you saw this clip -- would you really be able to deny the glorious beauty of a celebratory dance? No, no you wouldn't. 

And just how did Elijah end up with the ball? We'll let him tell you in his own "Raising Arizona"-esque way. 

(Additional reporting by Jack Warren / Real-Time Correspondent)