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Braves first baseman Joey Terdoslavich runs across the infield for a solo double play at third

Braves' Joey Terdoslavich makes a solo double play

The Cardinals have runners at first and third base. A blooper is hit down the line to Braves first baseman Joey Terdoslavich. Does he make the tag at first base for the first out of the inning?

No, no he does not.


Forgoing the easy out, Terdoslavich hurtles across the infield. He runs down a caught-in-the-headlights Yadier Molina, whose scrambling back to third comes too late, for out No. 1. Dean Anna, himself racing to third from first, slides to no avail; Terdoslavich lunges and tags him out at third too, for the second out.

And that is how a first baseman makes a solo double play at third base. 

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