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Break out the brooms ...

Saturday’s day-night doubleheader created a bit of a logistical headache for John McEvoy, manager of ballpark operations at Target Field. Normally, cleaning the park to prepare for a Twins game is an 18-hour process. With a double-dip scheduled, that gets pared down to just 120 minutes.

The pressure-washer normally used for aisles and concourses was shelved in favor of brooms, saving the cleaning crew about four hours. Vital processes -- like cleaning bathrooms and seats were compressed to fit the short time window.

Mardsen, a contracted cleaning service, shares section cleaning responsibilities with McEvoy’s regular crew. Delaware North Companies (DNC) empties the concessions, takes inventory then re-stocks concessions and suites.

McEvoy, a 12-year vet with the Twins organization, said his team prefers to operate like a world-class operation -- so he doesn’t like when fans entering the second game see the cleaning crew finishing up.

“At the same time, I think the fans all understand we’re on a tight schedule if we’re cleaning when the second group gets here,” McEvoy said.

They got the job done on Saturday, leaving only a few peanut shells on the ground when the second round of Twins fans began trickling in at 5 PM.

-- Derek Wetmore