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Brewers introduce greatest scientific innovation of our age: Nachos on a stick

Brewers introduce nachos on a stick

We are lucky enough to live in the golden age of of technology -- we carry computers in our pockets, we can print in 3D and we can create robots that are cute and clean our houses for us. But finally, in the year 2015, one of humanity's greatest problems has finally been solved. Thanks to the Brewers, you no longer have to eat nachos with your hands.

Yes, Milwaukee sees all of the churro dogs and funnel cake burgers, but they know what you really want in food is a stick to hold it by. Enter Inside the Park Nachos -- taco meat breaded in Doritos, then deep fried and topped with cheese sauce and sour cream:


It's like a nacho popsicle!

But if you would prefer to stick to the analog "eat your food with both hands" method, there's also the new Down Wisconsin Avenue brat, which is about as long as, well, an avenue:


The 18-inch sausage is topped with gravy, cheese sauce and cheese curds, sauerkraut, fried jalapenos, sour cream and chives. Want fries on the side? Don't worry, they're already in the sandwich. And yes, it is a sandwich. It's literally enclosed in bread.

h/t: ESPN

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