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Brock Holt lives up to the Holt surname and hits the first cycle of 2015

Brock Holt lives up to the Holt name, hits for cycle

When Brock Holt doubled, singled, homered and then tripled during the Red Sox's 9-4 win over the Braves on Tuesday, it was as if he were fulfilling a prophecy. Because sharing a last name (and syllable count) with a legend comes with the heavy weight of expectation.

Through Holt's first 204 Major League games, he must've been asking himself, "How can I possibly live up to my last name?" The answer, it turned out, was "Hit for the first cycle of 2015."


Not only was it the first cycle since Michael Cuddyer's on Aug. 17, 2014, it was the first time a Red Sox batter completed the feat since John Valentin did so in 1996.

So when Holt rounded second on his way to third in the eighth inning, as if he were running to a cash-lined frozen banana stand, feeling lighter with each step, perhaps he said to himself, "I've made the opposite of a huge mistake."


And that's why you always go for third. 

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