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The baby who met Bryce Harper at Spring Training recreated his ESPN Magazine body cover

Twitter, @JennyWing1

Remember when the cutest Nationals fan in the whole wide world got to meet Bryce Harper down at Spring Training?


Well, Mac Harper (no relation) is still rooting for the Nats and is still the cutest thing you've ever seen. His mother Jenny recently helped the little guy show off his pythons in a wonderful recreation of ESPN the Magazine's body issue.

If you were wondering how Bryce got that swole for his shoot, he did a juice cleanse, put salt in his water and downed some raw potatoes right before saying cheese:

The first stage of saying, in effect, "Hey! You over there. You're wrong about baseball!" consisted of three workouts and six meals a day until it consisted of none, that final week when Bryce Harper consumed only juice. Seven different raw juices. Over the final two weeks, before he exposed each of his muscles to ESPN's photographers, he put salt in his drinking water so he could hydrate himself without gaining weight.

On the final day, before he stripped naked and recorded the results for the world, he rose for one final workout, but when he went to refresh himself, he spit the water out. When he arrived at the field at the University of Nevada Las Vegas for the shoot, his system was completely depleted. He shoved raw, white potatoes down his throat because he knew the glucose and glycine they contained would run straight to his muscles - which yearned for something, any kind of nourishment they could find.

"It makes you pop," Harper said. "It makes you stand out."

Well, WaPo's Scott Allen says Mac was on the same regimen, kinda:

[h/t The Washington Post]