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Bryce Harper was a double shy of the cycle, might be using bionic eye to lead MLB in walks

Bryce Harper double-shy of cycle, might be bionic

On Sunday, Bryce Harper led off the top of the second inning by drawing his 37th walk of the season. He did so by demonstrating an impressive amount of discipline at the dish, opting to keep the bat on his shoulder as the San Diego crowd tried to "ooh" the umpire into ringing Harper up on a pitch that was juuuuuuust a bit outside.


After Harper took his base, the Nationals broadcast crew remarked on the significance of Harper's discipline, suggesting that he might actually be bionic.

"He's walked nine times in his last seven games -- with at least one walk in each of those games -- and his on-base percentage is up over .470."

"He's Steve Austin at the plate. I mean, he's got a bionic eye. If it's an inch off, he's not swinging at it. Maybe tell the eyebrow. His command of the strike zone is incredible, right now."

Which begs the question: What if Harper really is The Bionic Man?


In the classic TV program, Steve Austin was billed as better. He was "better, faster, stronger." Harper is on pace for career highs in almost every measurable statistic, so it's safe to say he's better. He's already matched his 2014 total in steals and has nine doubles/triples through 38 games, compared to 11 in 100 contests last season. Faster? The stronger part is not up for debate

Plus, his plate vision has been nothing short of spectacular.

Bryce Harper is on pace for 150 walks in 2015. It would be just the 12th 150-walk season since 1901 and the first since Barry Bonds in 2004. Harper would be just the sixth person to reach that milestone and he'd be the youngest to do so. He'd also be the only person to reach that mark while improving his walk percentage by more than 10 points over the previous season (+11.6, currently). If that's not proof he's using a bionic eye, I don't know what is.

The best part about this is that Harper followed this walk with a triple, an RBI single and a three-run homer, his 14th of the year.




Oh, and Steve Austin was dubbed the "Six Million-Dollar Man." Harper is making just $2.5 million in 2015. 

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