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Bryce Harper is the newest (honorary) member of Lob City

Bryce Harper is the newest honoray member of Lob City

Bryce Harper is having one heck of an offseason. Or, more accurately, he's having one heck of a week. Two days after Harper submitted his audition to be a sitcom star on "Modern Family," he was hanging out with the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center for their game against the Nets on Thursday.

Harper even got to sit on the bench:

Does this mean he's the newest member of Lob City? Will he be serving up alley oops to Blake Griffin? Or will he be the one throwing down the dunks served from Chris Paul?


Well, we're pretty confident he's going to stick to baseball, but Harper left the game with some swag, naturally:

And the Clippers won, 123-84. Maybe they'll want Harper on the bench for all their games now. But next time, we want to see Bryce get his hands on the ol' leather pumpkin.

Because he clearly has the skills:

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