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Bryce Harper made MLB debut 3 years ago, has had ridiculous hair since the beginning

Harper makes MLB debut 3 years ago today

Three years ago today, 19-year-old Bryce Harper made his MLB debut, and in the seventh inning, he collected his first MLB hit:

With that hit began the Harper saga we're all so familiar with, the one that's played out over sports pages across the land and that we still can't stop talking about: What is going on with Harper's hair?

Because April 28, 2012, was not only the first day we saw Harper come up to a big league plate, it was also the first time we saw this:


Yes, that's the first time we saw Harper try to flip his hair back and forth. Three years and 372 hits later, he's finally achieved his goal -- his hair is now strong enough to take his helmet off without help:


Plus, he's resolved that truly ridiculous bangs situation and shown off a massive power stroke. Give it three more years and he'll be at peak Thor. 

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