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Buck Showalter gets O's jersey from astronaut, thinks bacteria from Mars will eat his arms off

Buck Showalter is very wary of outer space

The exploits of astronaut/baseball superfan Terry Virts have been covered in-depth on this site. He's snapped pictures of MLB stadiums from high above, paid tributes to Jackie Robinson and repped the Orioles, his hometown team, on many occasions.

Well, Virts is apparently back on Earth and threw out the first pitch before the O's 2-0 win over the Red Sox on Monday. He also presented manager Buck Showalter with a space-worn Orioles jersey. Buck thought it was a cool gift, but was a bit wary of an object that spent time somewhere not of this world:

"Do you have rubber gloves when you take it? It's not like it's been on the moon or something, right? ... You don't know what bacteria from Mars is up there or something. Next day you wake up and your arms are ate off or something."

No, Buck. Virts did not go to the moon, nor did he go to Mars. But yes, if he did go to the latter, your fears would be warranted. Just ask Tom Jones.

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