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Did Madison Bumgarner make his pitches disappear during the NL Wild Card Game?

Bumgarner's pitches disappear during Wild Card Game

Giants ace Madison Bumgarner was straight dealing during the NL Wild Card Game, allowing just four hits and walking one while striking out 10 Pirates en route to a shutout and an NLDS berth. 

Bumgarner wasn't just good, he was filthy. Probably in large part to the disappearing ball trick he seemed to be using throughout the broadcast.


His pitches obviously weren't disappearing. But, when the ball crossed in front of the green screen on the backstop ad behind home plate, it appeared to blend into the ad because that's how green screens work.


Still, it's fun to imagine that Bumgarner was so much in command that he actually could make the baseball disappear. It certainly felt that way for some of the Pirates hitters.


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