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Capitals' Brooks Laich, named after Brooks Robinson, delivers first pitch 'with stank' at Camden Yards

Brooks Laich is from Wawota, Saskatchewan. That's about 1,765 miles from Baltimore -- seven hours by plane, 27 hours by car and 162 hours if you're cycling. It's a trip.

But that didn't stop Brooks' father from naming his son after Hall of Fame Orioles third baseman Brooks Robinson. As Harold Laich told the National Post in April:

"A tremendous defensive player. Seemed to come up big when he really needed to; could turn a game around on a great play. He seemed to have just a great approach to the game. So he always stuck in my mind as a great competitor -- and I said if we ever had a son, we were going to name him Brooks."

Well, the Capitals forward finally met his namesake at a D.C. autograph signing last month and on Monday, the 29-year-old threw out the first pitch at Camden Yards. Brooks said his plan was to put some "stank" on the offering, just like "when you zip a pass in hockey." Judging from the speed and accuracy, we're pretty sure Mr. Robinson would be proud:

-- Matt Monagan /

Photo via Stephen Cashman / Real-Time Correspondent