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Celebrate the Trade Deadline with the Cardinals' inventive Lou Brock bobblehead

Celebrate Trade Deadline with Cards' Brock bobblehead

There are few days that capture a fan's imagination as much as the Trade Deadline. Sure, Opening Day gives sugar plum dreams of a World Series victory, but the non-waiver Trade Deadline is when you start imagining the future Hall of Famer that is going to inspire your team to greatness for years to come. That rarely happens -- far more often your team picks up the veteran player that doesn't really help or hurt the club, or a hot prospect that becomes the next utility infielder -- they just kind of exist, like Jack on Boy Meets World. 

Not so for Lou Brock. When the Cubs traded him to the Cardinals on the Deadline in 1964 (Back then the Deadline was June 15), he was a 25-year-old with a .257/.306/.383 batting line and only 50 stolen bases. 

Once on the Cards, Brock would go on to steal 888 more bases, pick up 2,713 hits (giving him over 3,000 for his career), and win two World Series -- including the 1964 title over the Yankees. 

And on Friday's July 31 Trade Deadline, the Cardinals are honoring that trade with his bobblehead. But rather than just some figurine where Brock is sliding into second, this one sees the Hall of Famer shedding his Cubs uniform in place of his Cardinals one. 

So, even if there's no guarantee that your team is going to acquire a future Hall of Famer this year, you can at least commemorate the day of refreshing your Twitter feed 800 million times looking for the latest hot rumor with one of the greatest Deadline deals of all-time in convenient ceramic form.

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