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We have run out of words: Correa sends game to extra innings with defensive wizardry

After Saturday night's game against the Royals, Carlos Correa had played only 40 Major League games. This is a problem. Because after only two score worth of ballgames, we have run out of adjectives to describe the Astros' rookie sensation. As a website devoted to writing things about baseball players, you can see why this is an issue. 

After all, here's a 20-year-old shortstop who has already hit eight home runs with a .293/.341/.529 slash line. Who also has a great glove and stands 6'4". We've aleady used baseball descriptors like young, patient, powerful, speedy, flexible, soft-handed and highlight-creating. 

And then we've used superlatives like terrifc, wonderful, fantastic, astounding, splendiferous and effulgent, not to mention brilliant, gorgeous, opulant and resplendent. What's left in the English major's toolkit? 

So after Correa ranged deep into the hole to throw Alex Rios out on Saturday night -- a play that not only looked good, but with runners at first and third and the game tied at 1 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, pushed the game to extra innings -- what words can we possibly use to describe him? What could possibly convey the beauty of Correa's play in a single word? 

Carlos Correa play

My suggestion: Correage. You know, like courage, but with Correa? 

No, you don't like that? 

Fine, how about Beautificantly Perfectifunktactious. Pretty sure that's Latin for beautifully, funktastically perfect. Yes, I think that works nicely. 

Unfortunately for the Astros, though Correa's beautificantly perfectifunktactiousness pushed the game into extra innings, they would go on to lose, 2-1, in 10 innings