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Carlos Correa shows off range and/or teleporting abilities in behind-the-bag diving stop

Carlos Correa shows off range in diving stop

Depending on your feelings, defensive shifts are either a symbol of American ingenuity like the Roomba and cronut, or a dark and oppressive force -- a dementor clutching at the throats of the game's greatest sluggers and driving their average into the ground. 

During the Astros' 8-5 victory against the Rockies on Tuesday, Astros shortstop Carlos Correa proved that he doesn't care to partake in such discussions -- he'll just catch everything, no matter what. With Houston shifted toward right field and Ben Paulsen at the plate, everyone probably assumed that the Rockies first baseman had himself a base hit when he hit a ground ball toward those acres of open space. 

Instead, Correa raced behind the bag to make a diving stop before throwing for the out. 

Correa diving stop

According to Statcast™, Correa went 16.87 feet to make the grab. Considering he did it in a fraction of the time it takes me to convince myself to stand up and walk a similar distance to the fridge, that's pretty darn impressive. 

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