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Carlos Gomez, who may be some magical superhero, was traded to the Astros

Carlos Gomez, half-man/half-superhero, traded to HOU

Carlos Gomez was traded along with reliever Mike Fiers from the Brewers to the Astros on Thursday. Along with being a great offensive/defensive player and fantastic teammate, Houston MIGHT also be getting something a little more from the center fielder. And what I mean by that, is that Carlos Gomez has magic powers. He's a superhero.

How else would you explain this?

main image

Or his hair's ability to defy gravity?

main image

His pink beards?

main image

Is he actually a Ninja Turtle?


Or maybe he's some gum fairy superhero who baits his enemies with what looks like a loving gift ...  


And then scoops it up, chews it up and fires the germ-festering specimen into their direction with that Gold Glove-winning arm? Is his alter-ego Carlos Gumez?


Anyway, with Gumez joining an already-potent Astros lineup, Scott Kazmir rounding out a solid starting rotation and the 6-foot-5 J.J. Watt ready to mash some homers off the bench, the rest of the American League West should just give up right now.

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