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Carlos Santana didn’t want to hit a home run on Thursday night

On Thursday night, the Indians' Carlos Santana blasted a home run to left. But instead of trotting around the bases, he stopped at second base. I can think of a couple of reasons as to why this might have happened:

1) The simplest answer is that he thought it was a ground rule double. Sounds a bit too convenient to me, though.

2) Santana got tired. He decided to take a break and catch his breath before continuing the trot.

3) Santana is a MOLE! Yeah, you heard me. Santana secretly works for the Royals and was trying to save them a run. Just look at Everett Teaford's face when Santana stops running. He isn't surprised in the slightest.

On second thought, option No. 1 is probably what happened.

-- Jeremy Moses

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