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The 2015 Royals had a Hollywood ending, so we cast their movie for them

The Royals went on an amazing journey in 2015. Though some doubted they could surpass (or even reach) the heights they vaulted to in the 2014 season, Kansas City proved the doubters wrong and won the World Series.

It was magical. It was unbelievable. It was, you could say, right out of a movie.

And so, to honor this year's World Series champions, we decided they should be made into a movie. And, to help out the Hollywood producers who will surely make this film, we went ahead and casted the thing:

Ned Yost - Tom Hanks


Hanks has already proven himself adept at managing a baseball team. Add to that a well-known affinity for sports equipment, and he's the perfect fit as the Royals' skipper.

Eric Hosmer - Adam Driver


You may know Driver more from his role on HBO's Girls, but he's also starring as Kylo Ren in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He's the guy with the crazy lightsaber -- one of the many objects in the universe less fearsome than Hosmer's bat.

Alcides Escobar - Anthony Mackie


Escobar was the ALCS MVP. Although he's not a headlining name on the team, the Royals wouldn't have won the World Series without him. Similarly, Mackie's performance as Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't necessarily the most acclaimed, but he's every bit as important to the success of, say, Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Cap himself.

Salvador Perez - Edgar Ramirez


Perez may be endearingly goofy off the field -- dancing and instagramming the night away -- but once he steps on it, the World Series MVP is as terrifying as can be. Fellow Venezuelan Ramirez is the same way, affable in daily life, but intense when he's on the clock -- most notably in his role as Carlos the Jackal in the award-winning miniseries, Carlos.

Mike Moustakas - Nicholas Hoult


Scouts have known about Moustakas for quite a long time. In 2007, he won Baseball America's High School Player of the Year award -- an honor bestowed upon other great players like Joe Mauer and Bryce Harper. Similarly, Hoult began his acting career at an early age, starring alongside Hugh Grant in About a Boy. Both avoided the pitfalls of acclaim at a young age, and went on to have great careers.

Lorenzo Cain - Michael B. Jordan


Cain led the Royals in stolen bases with 28 swipes this season -- good enough for eighth-best in MLB. That speed helped the Royals lift the crown in October, and it's an attribute that presumably helped Jordan land the starring role in the new Rocky sequel, Creed. Also, his name is Michael Jordan, so he'll fit right in on the baseball field.

Dayton Moore - Brad Pitt


Pitt's already played one genius general manager on the silver screen. Why not play a second?

Do you have any other casting options? Let us know in the comments.