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C.C. Lee's intentional walk goes horribly wrong

C.C. Lee's intentional walk goes horribly wrong

In hopes of speeding up the pace of play, the independent Atlantic League has changed the intentional walk rule. Rather than having to throw four wide balls, the pitcher simply states his plan and the batter takes his base. Something tells me that Indians reliever C.C. Lee (perhaps a clone of CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee?) wishes the Majors had that rule in place ...

With runners at second and third and Ian Kinsler at the plate during Sunday's Indians - Tigers game, Lee wanted to hand out the free pass to set up a double play. 

Unfortunately, instead of a nice game of catch with his catcher, Lee's throw went to the backstop and Don Kelly came in to score. 

CC Lee

If you're one of those wanting to banish the intentional walk, you'd do well to remember moments of sheer insanity like this. Or when Miguel Cabrera hit an RBI single when the intentional pass came too close to the plate. 

The point is: pitching is really hard. Even when you're just trying to walk a guy. 

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