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Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day with MLB's most decadent nachos

MLB's top nachos celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day

Tuesday is the greatest of days, because Tuesday is National Tortilla Chip Day. Yes, there's a whole day dedicated to those crunchy, salty, delicious corn snacks. It's like the other 364 aren't even trying.

You can bet we're celebrating. Tortilla chips mean something particularly special to MLB, because you know what you can make with tortilla chips? Nachos. A true ballpark staple. Just ask Prince Fielder


But that's not all. We want to take it up a notch, in honor of this most glorious of days. We're not just celebrating with nachos, we're celebrating with these decadent beauties:

Kauffman Stadium: Brisket-achos

Cheesy. Corn. Brisket. Nachos. Thank you, @kcroyals. #MLBFood

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Smoked brisket, corn, cheese, barbecue sauce and cole slaw all piled atop a bed of tortilla chips: A true World Series-caliber offering from the Royals. Our own Ian Kay experienced the brisket-achos back in October:

"Once I had the nachos in hand, things happened quickly. A taste became a meal, and a meal became a performance art ode to gluttony. By the time I came up for air, only a few chips remained swimming in a puddle of barbecue-corn-cheese. … The saturated chips had congealed into a nearly drinkable sweet-salty slurry. It was delectable."

Globe Life Park: The Tanaco

How do you take normal nachos and turn them into a gut-busting, out-of-body experience? You feature them on top of a two-foot long taco, that's how.


Citi Field: Pastrachos


In 2012, the inspired left-field deli stand at Citi Field introduced the world to Pastrachos: Tortilla chips covered with pastrami and Swiss cheese, drizzled with Russian dressing and sprinkled with sauerkraut.

PNC Park: Tater Tot nachos

OK, so there aren't any tortilla chips involved with this dish, technically. But these "Tatchos" are very much in the nachos family and thus a not-so-distant relative of the typical corn chip fare. And really, is any self-respecting tortilla chip nachos fan going to turn down tater tots smothered in chili, cheese and sour cream?

Comerica Park: Potatcho

Again missing the usual tortilla chips, but bear with us. Sometimes, the tortilla chip needs a break. It's a difficult existence, being so delicious that you're consumed with liquid cheese on a never-ending game-after-game basis. Sometimes you have to tap out, and your good friend potato chip takes your place.