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Celebrate Presidents' Day with every presidential first pitch since FDR's

On Presidents' Day, watch these presidential pitches

Admittedly, a killer fastball isn't a strict job requirement of the nation's highest office -- but maybe it should be. Who wouldn't rather watch an inter-party playoff game than an umpteenth primary debate? In honor of this most presidential of holidays, we present to you each of our commanders-in-chief since FDR throwing a pitch ... some with better form than others. 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Harry S. Truman (The "S" stands for "strikeout.")


Dwight Eisenhower


John F. Kennedy


Lyndon Johnson


Richard Nixon


Gerald Ford


Jimmy Carter

Ronald Reagan

(Fun facts: in his Hollywood days, Reagan starred as Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander in 1952's The Winning Team, and back in the 1930s, he announced Cubs games on the radio.)

George H. W. Bush

H.W. Bush

Bill Clinton


George W. Bush

(You're no doubt aware that Dubya was a co-owner of the Texas Rangers, but did you know that he also instituted a T-ball league on the White House South Lawn?)

Barack Obama

(Photos via U.S. News, Politico, The Telegraph)

This post originally published April 1, 2013. 

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