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Seven characters from 'The Wire' that could help the Orioles during their postseason run

Omar comin': 7 Wire characters that could help O's

The Wire is one of the greatest shows in the history of television. The Orioles have been one of the best teams in the 2014 baseball season. Both, as you may know, call Baltimore their home.

So, in honor of the Orioles advancing to take on the Royals in the ALCS this weekend, let's take a look at some of the characters -- from the low-risers to the high-risers to Lieutenant Daniels' office -- that could help the O's this October. We're not suggesting that these guys are ideal role models or fans and if we've mistakently given you that impression, please forgive us. 

Snoop Pearson, 2B


Smart, crafty, resourceful ... Snoop could serve as a nice backup to Jonathan Schoop at second base (and not just because their names are so similar). She's got that incredibly scrappy attitude that Buck Showalter loves. She also looks a lot like Ronnie Belliard and he had a pretty solid big league career. 

Slim Charles, SP

Photo via M.A. Blog

At 6-foot-5, Slim would be a very intimidating presence on the mound. And even though Chris Tillman, Bud Norris and Wei-Yin Chen have all been great this year, Charles could be a nice back-of-the-rotation guy. He also knows a thing or two about being the last man/team standing and understands exactly what postseason baseball means.

Dennis "Cutty" Wise, 1B

The reformed criminal would be another strong presence on Baltimore's roster. He stays in excellent shape as a boxing teacher, can serve as a fantastic mentor for younger players and has some experience playing baseball in prison.

Jimmy McNulty, RF


Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy ... First off, why would you NOT want Jimmy McNulty on your team? He's just a really fun guy. He also understands the history of the organization, played some Minor League ball in the late 1940's and can slide with some of the best basestealers in the game.

Proposition Joe, Bench Coach

While we'd love to see Prop Joe try his luck on the field, he'd probably be a greater strength off of it. His master negotiation and strategy skills (talents he's been honing since his days in the Baltimore schoolyard) will serve well from the dugout. He also won't stop strategizing until the very last out

Ziggy Sobotka, Mascot


To be clear, Ziggy himself would not be the mascot. He'd probably get a little too upset if anything happened to his costume. But in case the Oriole Bird needs a day off (or is busy dealing with his Bizarro World counterpart), Ziggy's got the perfect avian substitute: 


Omar Little, Reliever


We can see it now: It's late in the game. A hush comes over Camden Yards as a shrill whistling noise rises from the loudspeakers. Omar comes striding in from the bullpen, quickly making his way to the pitcher's mound. The sold-out crowd chants his name. Omar gives a little wink to the opposing batter and gets to work.

"You come at the O's, you best not miss."


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