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Charlie Sheen stars in two and a half baseball fans

Charlie Sheen, known by many baseball fans as Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn from the movie "Major League," came to support his favorite team against the Pirates on Friday night.

“The environment was electric,” Sheen said. “The seats were filled. It just seems like this city gets it this year. They’ll play October baseball, I guarantee it.”

The charismatic actor wasn't in attendance on Friday solely to watch his Reds; he also made a generous contribution to the Reds Community Fund.

A baseball fan since childhood, his love for the game hasn’t died since moving to Hollywood.

“I fell in love in the 70's with the Big Red Machine,” Sheen said. “The 1990 year was unbelievable, and I can feel something similar to that team. They’re young, hungry, [and] have a swagger.”

The actor shared some of his favorite Reds memories from the past, especially the epic 1975 World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

“George Foster was one of my favorites,” Sheen said. “He and Joe [Morgan] were huge parts of our success in that series, but (Cartlon) Fisk gets all the attention."

On the topic of flamethrowing closer Aroldis Chapman, "Wild Thing” spoke highly of the young lefty.

“I’m glad I’m an actor and not a ballplayer who has to face him,” Sheen said.

-- Will Frasure

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