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Wild Thing meets Wild Thing: Charlie Sheen visited Derek Holland in the clubhouse

Derek Holland and his hair meet original Wild Thing

Derek Holland has been sporting an homage to Ricky Vaughn from "Major League" on his head for a couple of weeks, and while the original Wild Thing gave his official approval back in August, the two met in the Rangers clubhouse during the team's road trip to Angels Stadium this past weekend.

Yes, Wild Thing met Wild Thing after Holland's win on Saturday night.

Holland described the encounter:

"It was awesome. You know, to think he puts a smile on my face, I was excited. But it's the other way around. We talk about, us ballplayers, we want to be the rock stars and stuff like that. People like him, they want to be baseball players, they want to be professional athletes. When he saw me, he got real excited, didn't know what to do -- he was just off the wall. You know, I was the same way, too. … I was excited to see him. It was entertaining, it was a lot of fun."



The sheen approved @charliesheen #wildthing #winning #thesheen

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And the haircut just might be working, too: Holland has pitched 17 innings over his last two starts, allowing a paltry six hits and one earned run total. 

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