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Brothers Chase and Travis d'Arnaud meet at the plate for the first time in their MLB careers

d'Arnaud brothers face each other for first time

There are three kinds of brothers in the world: 

1. Brothers who "playfully" wrestle with each other at a moments notice, like two young puppies.

2. Brothers who are complete opposites -- one being a Phish-following space case and the other an accountant for Evil Greed Corporation, Incorporated.

3. The Brothers Karamazov, who, according to Wikipedia, dealt with issues concerning faith, doubt, and reason. You know, those kind of brothers. 

Well, judging from their reactions upon meeting in the bottom of the seventh inning on Tuesday night, the Phillies' Chase d'Arnaud and the Mets' Travis d'Arnaud are that first kind. After Chase entered the game as a pinch-hitter for Hector Neris, he and Travis shared a brief moment at the plate together during their first ever matchup in the Majors. 


Pretty sure their conversation went a little like this: 

Chase: I'm going to hit a home run 800 miles. You won't even see it, it's gonna fly so far, so fast. 

Travis: Oh yeah? How you going to do that when I'm going to side sweep your legs and bring you to the ground?

Chase: You think you're going to be able to do that, but I'm actually going to karate kick you and Dad will have no choice but to watch you fly backwards, through the fence. That's how strong my legs are. 

You know, normal brother stuff. Although, actually, according to Travis, "It was just all laughing. I was telling him if he got on, he better steal."

As for Chase striking out, well, that goes all the way back to childhood. Travis revealed:

"I still vividly remember being six and eight, playing tape ball in the driveway and knowing that I could throw that back-door two-seam to him. Fortunately, [Jon] Niese was able to execute a couple of those on that front hip. In tape ball, that moved like five feet, so I had a little advantage against him. I pitched against him, so it was fun."

Though Travis also admitted that he would not be sharing what Chase said after the K. 

Before the two squared off, their father, Lance, chatted about the two while wearing perhaps the only Mets-Phillies split T-shirt in the world. 

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