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Chase Headley lays down a bunt that just ... will ... not ... roll ... foul

Chase Headley's bunt refuses to roll foul

Just think, all those years of playing catch in the backyard, taking swings in the batting cage, whispering your darkest secrets in the presence of a bucket of baseballs, and you never knew -- they were watching you. Sure, baseballs may seem innocent, feeding you that same old "Hey, we aren't so bad, we're just inanimate objects!" line. But on Saturday night in Oakland, Chase Headley laid a bunt down the third-base line, and the nation watched in horror as the A's discovered the true cruelty of baseballs everywhere:

Headley bunt

By our count, the ball rolled foul three separate times, only to immediately reverse course like it was auditioning for Angels in the Outfield.

Remain calm, everyone: The baseballs may have risen against us, but as long as we have Giancarlo Stanton, we'll be OK. 

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